Was there any woman honored in the Holy Quran -the Book of Islam- by dedicating a chapter in her name?


The holy Quran is the book that every Muslim had to -and still has to- accept that it is the word of God. The Quran is given to one man whose name was Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muhammad lived in the middle of the desert in Arabia, when his followers accepted him to be the messenger of God, they were acknowledged and accepted the Quran to be the word of God. Since the Quran was reveled only to Muhammad, the Quran is only one Book, this is one of the differences between the Quran and the Bible. The Bible contains many books inside of it, every book of the Bible has a title, in many cases, the title of the chapter is the author's name of such book. In the case of the Quran, there are 114 Sura inside of it, a Sura can be loosely translated as a chapter. Now that our concern is women in Islam, can you imagine that there would be a chapter in the Quran that is dedicated to a woman? Will it be possible for a man who lived in the middle of the dessert in the 7th century to honor a woman by dedicating a chapter in her name? It is not a surprise, that even the most civilized part of the world, the Romans, were a male dominant community. People of Arabia, no doubt, had to be even worth than the Romans when it comes to women rights and position in the community. Which means that Muhammad did not have to worry about giving any advantage to women at his time, why would he? They were going to follow him or there husbands anyway. Not to mention that the Bible did not honor any women by dedicating a book or even a chapter to her name, why would Muhammad want to be the first to do so?

If Muhammad would dedicate a chapter of the Quran to a woman's name, which woman would you think he would have to honor?

His Mother, who bore him, the Man whose followers were ready to accept anything he say's?

His first wife Khadija, who suffered the prosecution with him from the beginning but died before he was accepted as the Messenger of God?

His beloved daughter Fatima, whom he taught everything concerning women's issues in Islam?

Another women for another reason?