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The Holy Quran, chapter 20: verse 114



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Introduction to Islam

·        What is Islam, who are Muslims and what (or who) is Allah? (A short and brief introduction)

·        Acknowledging and Identifying God



Islam; Towards a better understanding

·        Quran, Hadith and Sunnah.

·        The teachings of Islam.

o       Examples of General teachings from the Quran: What does the Quran teach about God, last day and what do Muslims believe, plus more of the basic questions answered.

o       Examples of the teachings of the Messenger of Islam, Muhammed (pbuh) as found the books of Hadith.

o       Teachings about parents

o       Teachings about neighbors. What does Islam teach Muslims regarding their neighbors? Should they honor them and treat them with respect? Will it make a difference what religion the neighbors belong to?

o       Teachings about orphans.

o       Teachings about animals and other creatures

o       Teachings about the body and soul.

·        The pillars of Islam

·        Prayers and worshipping in Islam (Salah or Salat)

·        Why do Muslims pray that way? Take a brief introduction to Muslims’ way of worshipping and learn more about praying and worshipping in Islam and for the meaning of the word Mosque (Muslims worshipping place).

·        Muslims and people of other faiths: Who won the bet? An objective study to share with you some answers such as: What does Islam really teach about people of other faiths?

·        Concept of God in Islam

·        Who named this religion "Islam"? As every religion or faith carries a name that identifies it, it might be worth a while to try to find out who gave any religion its name. Whether the name was given by God or not might prove fruitful too.

·        The Holy month of Ramadan (Ramadhan) and fasting and the lunar calendar in Islam

·        Life after death

·        Human rights in Islam and human rights in an Islamic state

·        The way to Heaven according to Islam; Does Islam teach of salvation, atonement or a savior that one depends on to go to heaven without worrying about anything?

·        The moral system of Islam

·        Diet in Islam ; What are Muslims allowed to eat and what are they not allowed to eat or drink? What is Halal (allowed) food and what is Haram (forbidden) food in Islam?




Muhammad (Mohammad, Mohamed) The Prophet of Islam

·        Prophet hood in Islam

·        Biographical sketch of the Muhammad (pbuh)

·        What they say about Muhammad

·        The Revelation of the Quran, how did it start?


Quran, the Holy Book of Islam

·        About Quran: A short and brief introduction to the Holy Quran (Qoran, Koran or Kuran)

·        Quran and modern science.

·        Embryology in the Quran amazes a university of Toronto Professor

·        Determining the baby's sex. How could the man from Arabia have known this?

·        The sensor characteristics of the skin

·        The Quran on Mountains

·        The Quran on the Cerebrum

·        The Quran on Seas and Rivers. The water cycle as explained in the Quran almost 1500 years ago

·        The Quran on Deep Seas and Internal Waves

·        The Quran on Clouds. How does wind effect clouds and the water cycle

·        The sky and the sun above us. The sky as a protecting roof the Ozone layer and how sky is made to fit life’s needs on earth for humans, animals and the vegetation.

·        Fruit in the Quran. What does the Quran teach about fruit?


Islam, the Quran, the Big Bang and Evolution: Articles by Harun Yahya, more interesting articles;

The Creation of the universe An interesting book about how the creation has taken place according to the Quran

The Evolution misconception Analytical study to evolution and its difficulties that was admitted by Charles Darwin himself in his book "The Origin Of Species" in a chapter entitled: difficulties on the theory.

Why science in Islam and in the Quran?

What do scientists say about the science found in the Quran?

Science in Islam and in the Quran, how did Muhammad know? An objective look to answer: Who is the true author of the Quran or who really wrote the Quran, and was it really a revelation from God?



Jesus (peace be upon him) in Islam

·        Who was Jesus (peace be up on him)?

·        A child with prophecies?

·        Muslims belief in Jesus (peace be up on him)

· How did Jesus Christ (peace be up on him) pray and worship God? Read this article and take a brief introduction to Muslims’ way of worshipping and learn more about praying and worshipping in Islam and for the meaning of the word Mosque (Muslims worshipping place). Why do Muslims pray that way?


Women in Islam

·        The Distorted Image of Muslim Women: An Article by a woman who was born and raised as non-Muslim. She decided to find the truth about the negative image of Muslim women in the non-Muslim world. By the grace of God, after finding the truth, she has accepted Islam and became a Muslim.

·        Woman's rights in Islam: Find out for yourself what Islam teaches about women's rights. Be the judge yourself and compare the women's rights given to women by Islam versus those given by other religions.

·        Woman's dress code in Islam: Learn what Islam teaches about equality between men and women and what does Islam teach about women’s dress code and why? Does Islam really force women to cover their bodies?

·        Hijab (Veil) and Muslim Women: An article by a Canadian Muslim woman, who is a graduated from the University of Toronto.

·        The question of hijab (the head cover): suppression or liberation?

·        Women’s Liberation Through Islam

·        Islam and the question of polygamy

·        An article from London, England...About women in Islam.

·        Was there any woman honored in the Holy Quran -the Book of Islam- by dedicating a chapter in her name?

·        Eve's fault? Who to blame for the first "mistake" done in paradise, Adam or Eve? With the negative image in the non-Islamic world about women in Islam, whom do you expect Islam to blame?

·      To work or not to work: Are women forbidden from work in Islam? What does Islam teach about women and their right to work and hold a job?




·        Muslims, people of other faiths and the infidels, who won the bet? An objective study to share with you some answers such as: What does Islam really teach about people of other faiths?



·        Jihad (jehad) explained

·        Understanding Muhammad: An interesting article published by The Christian Science Monitor, on 12/9/02. Authored by; Alexander Kronemer, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, a co-producer of the PBS documentary 'Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet.' who has become well acquainted with the story of Muhammad

·        The Holy Quran and killing the innocent

·        Bad guys…aren't they everywhere?



·        Denominations, sects and cults in Islam

·        Bad Muslims and that TV show: Many Muslims do bad things, but is it because Islam is a bad religion? How could Islam be good if many Muslims are bad?

·        Exposing Islam? How do you they expose Islam? What is the truth and what is myth?

·      Cultures and religions: A short article to discuss the ideas of: Islamic culture or Christian culture, an Islamic government or a Christian government.






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Find an Islamic center, a Mosque, a Masjid (Masjed, Masged) a Muslim temple, worshipping place or an Islamic organization in your area:

·        First site: www.islamicfinder.org/

·      Second site: http://islamicity.com/orgs/



Enrich your knowledge even more

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·        Brief introduction and links to read the Holy Quran (Koran or Kuran)

·        Suggested books to order on line

·        Suggested books and articles to read on line

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