Bad Muslims and that TV show


One of the talk shows on the TV had a guest who claimed that God was taking care of the children of the devil by making them die of AIDS. His idea about the children of the devil is that they are every one who is colored. The number of people who die of AIDS especially in Africa is what he was telling the audience about. He was apparently told that it is OK to kill, drag to death or burn alive those who have different skin color. Doing so, seems like doing something good, something which they are proud of. AH, by the way, he also claimed that he was a Christian on that show.


When the time came for the audience of the show to ask questions or tell a comment, a lady stood up and said a few words that made a lot of since to me, she said to that guest:

" You can claim to be a Christian, but that does not make you one "


This was more than enough to see that it is very easy for anybody to do something wrong then claim that he is being obedient to God or that he was following his scriptures. In this example, I'm sure you will agree with me that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), the Bible or Christianity could not be the source of such horrifying teachings. Such teachings could only come from twisted minds or twisted verses that was manipulated or altered to fit the need of a group of people. It is only realistic then to hold those people responsible for their actions but not Christianity, Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) or the Bible.


The case is exactly the same with Islam, the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him). Some Muslims tend to have the same twisted mentality of the guest on that TV show. They too do things that are wrong while being told that they are doing something good, they too claim to follow their scriptures, they too should be held responsible for what they are doing not Muhammad (peace be upon him), not Islam and not its teachings.