The teachings of Islam


The teaching of any religion is what gives it its integrity, shape and characteristics. It is not what some people do in the name of any religion, is what the religion really is. For example, when we see that a religious institute teaches "color supremacy", instead of accepting that this is really what all that religion is all about, we all should ask what are the "real teachings" concerning color of that religion?

This way, when we see a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or any other person from any other religion doing something wrong, we shouldn't say "Ha, so that's what that religion is all about".

On the other hand we should think about the teachings themselves; Will they make us go to Heaven?

There are many religions that teach very similar teachings to those of Islam, but will following or not following these teachings effect the result in the Day of Judgment? Will one be justified according to what he does in this world? Are these teachings just O.K to live by, yet they are worthless at the end?

In Islam, the "meaning" of the teachings comes to mind when we understand that when one willingly obeys them he will be rewarded in this world and the next. And if one willingly breaks them, he will have to pay for that wrongdoing.

Examples of General teachings from the Quran: What does the Quran teach about God, last day and what do Muslims believe, plus more of the basic questions answered.

Examples of the teachings of the Messenger of Islam, Muhammed (pbuh) as found the books of Hadith.

Teachings about parents

Teachings about neighbors. What does Islam teach Muslims regarding their neighbors? Should they honor them and treat them with respect? Will it make a difference what religion the neighbors belong to?

Teachings about orphans.

Teachings about animals and other creatures

Teachings about the body and soul



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