Brief introduction to the Holy Quran

God has given us several Books of guidance through the years. Each Book essentially contained the same fundamental message as the previous Books. Mankind was expected to guard these Books from harm, but unfortunately failed to live up to this expectation. Many of the Books were edited and tampered with, destroying its authenticity. This is partly why God kept sending us more revelations.

However, almost 1400 years ago, God sent us another Book, named the Quran, with the same basic message as the earlier ones, but with a small but very important difference. This time, God decreed that this Book would be the last Book sent down to us because God would protect it Himself. Regarding this Final Book, God said, "Behold, it is We Ourselves who have bestowed from on high this reminder: and behold, it is We who shall truly guard it" [15:9]

Today, if we compare the 114 chapters in every copy of this Final Book with each other, we will find they match perfectly word for word - from the oldest copies made 1300-plus years ago to the ones printed just a few hours ago. No human hand has changed it.

When God appoints a Prophet he also gives him some clear signs or a miracle to convince his people that he is indeed the Prophet of God. For example, Moses (Peace be upon him) was given a wand which when dropped would become a snake (20:19) Or for Jesus (Peace be upon him) the ability to give life to a dead person in certain occasions (5:110) etc. These miracles are only evident only during the lifetime of that Prophet. But, for a prophet who God has decided to be the Last Prophet has to be given a miracle which a generation can pass on to the next and so on until the end of world. That is The Holy Quran. It was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) during his 23 years of Prophethood. Quran in its Arabic form is unchallenged in its rhythm and beauty. Smallest chapter of the Quran contains only 3 sentences where as largest chapter spans 1/15 th of the whole Quran. Quran challenges to those who disbelieve in it to produce a single chapter comparable to it (2:23,17:88). More than 1400 years have passed since Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and the challenge of Quran still remains. We also find in the Quran many scientific facts that are established only in recent centuries.

"We will soon show them our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?"-41:53

Any translation of the Quran cannot be equated with the Quran in its original Arabic form. But it is only a means to give a glimpse of the Quran to those unfamiliar with Arabic language. Many of the verses can be understood directly but certain verses can be understood only by knowing the historical and other related background. Abdullah Yusuf Ali's commentary is included at the end of the verses where available. If possible, readers have to refer to other popular commentaries as well. Readers are urged to study the Quran in Arabic in order to appreciate its true beauty.

From; Yusuf Ali's Quran Translation


Listed here are all 114 chapters (Surah) of the Holy Quran, the translation is by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. If you would like to read a specific chapter, you may click on its number:

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