Teachings about the Body and Soul



We can see in every religion the clear teachings about saving one's soul, and the teachings of a totally different existence in the eternal life. Yet, is it possible that God will not tell us anything whatsoever about how to care for that vehicle, which carries the soul around…the body?


In general, almost all the Islamic teachings address both the body and the soul, performing the prayers or the physical part of it, fasting, memorizing the Quran, not drinking and even hajj. All these address both the spiritual and the physical sides of us as humans.


Not obeying these teachings as explained in the Quran, as long as one has the choice, will result in not caring about the body the right way, which will result in a great loss in this world and in the one to come. The loss in this world might be really so great, just think of this example …drinking alcohol drinks.


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