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Islam in Focus

[Hammudah 'Abd al Ati]. The most widely distributed introductory book on Islam in the English language, Islam in Focus is arguably the best 'starter' book on Islam. Islam in Focus teaches the belief or act of worship as well as the wisdom behind it - from a explanation of the articles of 'iman' (faith) to a detailed guide through 'salat' (prayer) and the other 'pillars' of Islam. It also includes the following sections: 'Distortions about Islam' and 'Applying Islam to an individual's spiritual, family and economic life'. P/Bk, 210pp.



Struggling to Surrender
[Jeffery Lang]. A fascinating diary of an American Mathematics Professor's journey from Christianity to atheism to Islam. This absorbing book reveals insights into how most   Americans view Islam, what they understand the least and the challenge of converts to be accepted in the American Muslim community. This best-seller is an inspirational and   thought-provoking work highly recommended people of all faiths. P/Bk, 232 pgs.

Even Angels Ask
[Jeffrey Lang]. From the author of Struggling to Surrender, an American's story of self-discovery and progress within the Islamic faith. The author does an unparalelled job of presenting Islam's wisdom on complicated issues related to man's relationship with God, prophethood, interaction of the sexes and more. If you have ever wondered 'Why' Islam allows this or 'Why' Islam doesn't allow that, or if you have difficulty explaining Islamic concepts to your American neighbors, this book will be a valuable tool. Dr. Lang's writing style is endearing and conversational. Every question asked is one he had to answer for himself. 248pgs


The True Jihad
-The Concepts of Peace...Tolerance and Nonn
-Violence in Islam

[Maulana Wahiduddin Khan] With numerous examples from the Quran and life of the Prophet Muhammad (S), the author shows Islam’s true position on war and violence. A non-Muslim with some familiarity of Islam will appreciate the book. H/Cvr, 112pgs.

Silent No More
From the author of the bestselling, They Dare to Speak Out, former congressman Paul Findley presents the remarkable progress of the Muslim community in the American mainstream. Silent No More: Confronting America's False Images of Islam, chronicles Findley's far flung trail of discovery, the false stereotypes of Islam that linger in the minds of the American people and the corrective actions that the leaders of America's seven million Muslims are undertaking. Prominent personalities are featured including Congressman David Bonior, Boxer Muhammad Ali, Noble Prize Winner Ahmed Zewail, CAIR's Nihad Awad and many others. A congressman for 22 years, Findley's admiration for Muslims and Islamic principles shines, as he prescribes a course for the community's progress. H/Cvr, 323pgs

The Mysteries of Jesus; by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
 This groundbreaking work, written by a leading British Muslim scholar and former Christian educator, examines the most recent research on Jesus (A) and offers stunning conclusions. The book looks at historical evidence to propose that the historical Jesus (A) emerges as a far more glorious figure than the Christ defined in the formulas of medieval Christianity, which were heavily influenced by Greek philosophy. Topics discussed include: Jewish and Islamic understandings of Jesus, crucifixion, the ‘Q’ document and more. Muslims, Christians and Jews alike will find this book to be refreshing look at this controversial subject. P/Bk, 288pgs

Islam: A short History by Karen Armstrong

Islam is feared as an extreme faith that promotes authoritarian government, female oppression, civil war, and terrorism. This book offers a vital corrective to this narrow view. The book begins with the flight of Muhammad and his family to Medina in the seventh century and the subsequent founding of the first mosques. It recounts the origins of the split between Shii and Sunni Muslims, and the emergence of Sufi mysticism; the spread of Islam throughout North Africa, the Levant, and Asia; the shattering effect on the Muslim world of the Crusades; the flowering of imperial Islam in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries into the world's greatest and most sophisticated power; and the origins and impact of revolutionary Islam. It concludes with an assessment of Islam today and its challenges.

With this brilliant book, Karen Armstrong issues a forceful challenge to those who hold the view that the West and Islam are civilizations set on a collision course. It is also a model of authority, elegance, and economy. H/Cvr, 222pgs  H/Cvr, 222pgs.

‘A small gem bristling with insight.’ The Washington Post

‘A valuable corrective to the hostile caricatures of Islam that circulate in the English-speaking world. . . . Engaging and provocative.’ —The New York Times

‘Karen Armstrong, a respected and popular author of several books about religion . . . takes on a useful and formidable task in presenting the history of Islam in a single short volume. As many other such works have been written either by apologists or by those hostile to Islam, Armstrong’s comprehensive and sympathetic work is welcome.’ Los Angeles Times

‘In Armstrong’s brisk narrative, the clichés evaporate fast. . . . A book like this is suddenly essential.’ —Entertainment Weekly

Muhammad, Critical Lives Series
[Yahiya Emerick] This newly published, concise biography, written for both a Muslim and non-Muslim audience, presents the remarkable life of the religious visionary, reformer and political leader who impacted the world. The book is written by the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam and offers a highly readable, compelling biography. The book goes beyond telling his story to discussing his personal life and philosophy on issues varying from monotheism to interfaith relations. The revelation of the Quran and the concept of Jihad from Muhammad’s perspective are also discussed. P/Bk. 330pgs.

Women in Islam – The western Experience
[Anne-Sofie Roald] This text investigates the ongoing discussion, in both the Muslim world and the West, on the position of women in Islam. The author attempts to illustrate how Islamic perceptions of women and gender relations change in Western Muslim communities. She shows how Islamic attitudes towards social concerns, such as gender relations and Islamic female dress emerge as responsive to culture and context, rather than rigid and inflexible, as is often perceived. P/Bk, 360pgs.

Daughters of Another Path – American Women Choosing Islam
[Carol Amway] Why are American women accepting Islam? Why choose a religion that requries discipline, submission to God and being "different." Written by a non-Muslim mother, whose duaghter accepted Islam, the book reveals some of the reasons behind the journey to Islam. It describes the pain many parents feel as their values are questioned, yet it is also a story of reconcilitation and new understanding between parent and child. Shattering stereotypes and Islam and women, the book shares testimonials from fifty-three women and includes discussions on marriage, child rearing and Muslims' attitude towards
America. P/Bk, 214 pgs.

What very Christian Should Know About Islam by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
Allaying the fears and misconceptions about Islam among Christians, this work also discusses the common ground. Written by a former Christian educator, it discusses the religious beliefs and duties of Islam, Muslims in the modern world and social and political issues using a simple, Q&A type format. What is special about the Muslim prayer? What do Muslims think about Jesus? What does Islam say about salvation? are just some of the important issues discussed. P/Bk, 154pgs

What Everyone should Know about Islam and Muslims
[Suzanne Haneef] Are you interested in knowing what the religion of Islam is all about? Its view of God and man's relationship to Him? The role of Muhammad and other prophets, and how it regards Jesus? What it has to say about morals, society, government, women and many other matters? How Muslims feel about various aspects of life, how they worship, and how Muslims living in the West practice their religion? What Islam's place is in the contemporary world? This book addresses itself to these and a host of other questions and issues. Written by an American Muslim, it presents a brief yet comprehensive survey of the basic teachings of Islam for the Western reader, with particular emphasis on the significance of Islam's central concept, faith and submission to God. P/Bk, 202pgs



padAllah is Known Through Reason – by Harun Yahya
This unique book challenges the thinking person to examine the evidence of the Creator all around them. The plan, design, and delicate balance existing in our bodies and reaching into even the remotest corners of the incredibly vast universe must surely have a superior Creator. Man is unable to see his Creator yet he can nevertheless grasp His existence, strength, and wisdom by means of his intellect. Citing the Quran in depth and using vivid illustrations, it is a fascinating read. By Harun Yahya.
Ages 14 and Up. 




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