Science in Islam and the Quran

How did Muhammad (pbuh) know?


The Holy Quran, is a Book that stood the time for over 1400 years without a single change, many questions come to mind such as:

An objective look to the Scientific Statements found in the Quran would only allow one of four possibilities:

  1. Somebody wrote it much later after the time of Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  2. Muhammad (pbuh) "found out" or "made up" all these Scientific Statements himself.
  3. He copied that from another source or another person who had such knowledge.
  4. He had received a message from the maker and the knower of all things


Before we examine each possibility, let us consider first the culture, the environment and the type of scientific knowledge available at that time for Muhammad (pbuh) in the Middle of the Arabian Desert. The knowledge available at the time was not more than everyday knowledge that helped in growing produce, raising animals, buying and selling them and certainly the knowledge necessary to travel to trade such goods or live stock with other neighboring cities and countries. The Roman Empire on the other hand, was probably the only advanced civilization in the world. With their powerful military machine and their broad knowledge in most fields of Science, they were considered to be the super power of the time.

Even though there are many proofs that Quran was not the work of Muhammad (pbuh) such as the History of the Quran as Scriptures, its teachings, the language and so on. Examining each possibility mentioned above, would be limited only in this article to the Scientific Facts found in the Quran.

1-"Somebody" wrote it much later after the time of Muhammad (pbuh).

This suggestion that the Quran must have been written in an era that is beyond the knowledge of the 7th century acknowledges the truthfulness of the Science found in the Quran. However, this in fact does not bring an answer to "who is the true author of the Quran", but more questions, such as;

2-Muhammad (pbuh) "found out" or "made up" all these Scientific Statements himself.

  1. Could Muhammad (pbuh) have found out these Scientific Facts on his own?
  2. To suggest so, is to suggest that Muhammad (pbuh) in the Middle of the desert, in the seventh century must have had many complicated tools. Which must have been necessary to be able to find what he recorded in the Quran about Embryology, the Clouds, the Mountains, the Sun, the Moon, the knowledge about man's body and other animals and insects. He must have had similar tools to that of our modern days, such as a Microscope and a Telescope. In fact, in the example you have seen on our site about determining the Baby's Sex, Muhammad (pbuh) must have had an Electronic Microscope too. Tools would not be the only things he had to have an observation and calculation system had to have been implemented to find out the conclusion at the end of his "research".

    There is one more realistic difficulty that should not escape our judgment, he had to have manufactured or mysteriously acquired all these tools, put them to use, came up with his conclusions. Then very quietly and secretly destroyed these tools without anybody noticing anything at all and without a single trace where nobody was able to imitate Mohammed's (pbuh) research later.

  3. Could he have just made them up and happened to be right?

Making up one statement, two or maybe three which happen to be right, over a thousand years later would be reasonable to assume, and could only prove him "lucky". On our site, there are tens of accurate Scientific Statements, certainly there are more than that in the Quran. There is also the fact that none of these Statements found in the Quran when carefully examined has proven to be Scientifically wrong. Had Muhammad (pbuh) made up some Statements on his own, then the chances are some of them would be right while others will have to be wrong. It will also be reasonable to expect him to have "made up" a few statements hoping that they all will be proven right later, but not more than a few.

3-He copied that from "another source" or another person who had such knowledge.

Some have suggested that Muhammad (pbuh) must have used another source, then he simply claimed that it was his own. This is another suggestion, which acknowledges that the Science found in the Quran is accurate. However because many of the statements in the Quran were not known to the scientific community until the advent of modern tools, such as; telescopes and microscopes, there could not be a source to such knowledge in the 7th century. The knowledge available at the time, even in the most civilized place on earth at the time, the Roman Empire, would not be sufficient when studying the Scientific Statements found in the Quran.

Others were convinced that Muhammad must have copied the Bible because there are similarities between the two. Yet, not one time we have ever seen anybody -who does not believe in the Quran- explaining the differences found between the Quran and the Bible, or where did Muhammad get the Science, which is not in the Bible?

From the practical point of view, there has to have been a Scientific Source with more knowledge than that found in the Quran for Muhammad (pbuh) to use. This way, he would have been able to pick and choose what he needs to fit the verses, the context and the statements or commands which he is delivering in the Quran.

4-He had received a Message from the Maker and the Knower of all things.

Unless there are well founded reasoning to support the argument that Muhammad -or any other- was able to find another source with more knowledge than that found in the Quran, there is no other practical possibility to explain the Scientific Statements found in the Quran.

In Islam, God does not expect man to believe with a blind faith, but He presents "adult proofs" and teaches us to use our minds and to be "critical thinkers". The Science in the Quran is a tool which God is allowing us to use as "adult critical thinkers" to be convinced that the Quran could have only come from the Maker and the Knower of all things.

"Say: (The Quran) was sent down by Him who knows the mystery (that is) in the Heavens and the Earth."

The Holy Quran (25:6)


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