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Quite often when one tries to find out some information about Islam, he finds some Non-Islamic sources that CLAIM to expose Islam and reveal the truth, which Muslims are trying to hide from others. What is the truth about all the unbelievably negative teachings of Islam? Is it possible that Muslims are aware of all that and yet they are still Muslims? Is Islam in fact an evil religion that oppresses women and teach to kill the infidels? What is the truth and where is the myth?

The purpose of this article is to explain to the sincere seeker of the truth how easy it is to be mislead by those who claim all of the above and show the difference between the true Islam and the masked Islam. Hoping to shed some light on the true Islam by explaining how Islam is being misunderstood, misrepresented or masked.

1-Misquoting Islam and its teachings

Misquoting is one of the famous tricks that should not escape us easily. A good example would be when one claims that the Quran teaches:

"There is no God". Which we find in Chapters 2 verse 255…!

However, if you read the rest of the verse you will find out, that it accurately reads:

" God! There is no god but He, the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal ".

Did you also know that the Bible teaches the same? There is no God…!

" Now I know that there is no God in all the Earth but in Israel." Second kings (5:15)

2-Quoting out of context

This is a method which some have used to give the most negative image of Islam to the West when they quoted out of context this "famous" verse:

" Slay the Pagans (Non-believers or infidels) wherever ye find them". (9:5)

We have seen or heard that verse so many times that it is probably the only verse which has become known to most people in the West more than any other verse of the Quran. However, there has never been one time we have seen anybody anywhere telling us what was the context of such "famous" and "important" verse.

Did you know that that verse is followed immediately with this verse:

"If one amongst the unbelievers ask thee for asylum, grant it to him". (9:6)

How is it possible that God is commanding the killing of the infidels because they are Non-believers yet at the same time He commands Muslims to grant asylum to the infidels who ask for it? It seems like a good chance to kill them when they come "peacefully" asking for asylum, so why not kill them? How could a Non-believer ask for asylum from those who are "supposed" to take him for an enemy?

Answers to these questions are explained in our article: Muslims, people of other faiths, and the infidels --who won the bet? Which examines the context of the verse from (9:1) to (9:6). A link is available at the end of this article.

3-Using translations for the Quran (Koran) done by Non-Muslims

Although many of the writings or opinions voiced by Non-Muslims about Islam are fair, the truth is, one who does not believe in a subject can not be the source for information about it. Should a Christian parent use an English translation of the Bible that was put forth by a group of atheists to teach his children about the subject of Creation?

There are translations for the Quran that was introduced to the western world by Non-Muslims whose main goal was only to justify their own beliefs. Here are a few examples:

  1. Ross, Alexander (London, 1649). Who apparently was convinced that Muhammed (pbuh) was a Turkish myth as he introduced his translation with: "…a newly Englished (translation), for the satisfaction of all that desire to look into the Turkish vanities"…!
  2. Palmer, E.H., The Koran (London 1880). Who made about 70 omissions and mistranslation as noted by Nykl, A.R., in his article: 'Notes on E.M. Palmer's The Qur'an in the Journal of the American Oriental Society 56 (1936), pp. 77-84.
  3. Bell, Richard (London 1937). Who thought that some of the verses or paragraphs of the Quran were "disconnected", so "he decided" that the Quran needed to be "rearranged"…! Mutilated…?


A common misunderstanding is that Muslims worship Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) or consider him to be the Son of God. Many came to this mistaken assumption that Muslims worship Muhammad (PBUH) by formulating an incorrect analogy. Since many Christians worship Jesus (PBUH) and believe that he is the Son of God, it becomes easy to assume that Muslims believe the same about Muhammad (PBUH). However:

"Say: I am only a mortal like you. It is revealed to me that your God is one God, therefore whoever hopes to meet his Lord, he should do good deeds, and not join any one in the service of his Lord". (18:110)

5-Manufacturing evidences

By misquoting or cutting and pasting verses from the Quran or the Hadith -the teachings of Mohammed (PBUH), one can easily make up all what he wants to prove Islam -or any other teachings in that matter- to be evil or wrong.

6-Somebody said so

Unfortunately, 95% of the information most Non-Muslims know about Islam come from a Non-Islamic source. Suppose that somebody would like to learn about Christianity for example, what should that person consider to be a good source for information about Christianity? Would a TV talk show in the afternoon be a good source? Would an article in a newspaper explain it? Or should he try to read the Bible or a good book that was written by a respectable Christian Scholar?

7-Misleading interpolation or interpretation

By making incorrect interpolations or misinterpreting verses from the Quran, one can mislead others into believing that this is what the Quran really teaches. Just as in the case of misquoting verse from the Quran -or any scriptures, all what we have to do is to …consider the source.

8-Some Muslims said so or did so

It is true that there are some "so called" Muslims who do horrible things, never the less, there are also some Christians who do the same, Catholics too and so do others of all religions. If we are to consider that Islam is a bad or evil religion because some Muslims have done something wrong in its name, then how should we regard Christianity for example with the KKK claiming that killing, dragging to death or burning alive others is good because others are the children of the devil? How should we regard Catholicism with what some priests have done from shameful acts lately?

Holding any religion responsible for the wrongdoing of its followers is not fair to:

9-Making false accusations

One of the famous accusations to Islam is that it denies women any rights and mistreats them. The truth is no other religion has given women any of their modern day rights. Women every where in the world -except under Islam- had to fight to gain their right to inherit, own property, education and even to teach religion. And only after a very rich and long history of women rights activists battling, protesting and getting organized in woman opposition groups, without the help of any religion, they were able to acquire such rights. On the other hand, Islam already gave these rights to women more than 1400 years ago, not because of the threat or the pressure of women organizations, but rather because of its truthfulness.

It is true that some Countries where the major religion is Islam don't grant some of these rights to women. But that is just as if another Country where the major religion is based on the Bible for example, yet the government of such Country adopts a law that allows the killing of the unborn children. Even though, the main religion of such Country forbids killing, the government of such country adopts -and protects- a law that contradicts what the main religion teaches.

10-Movies' true stories

Hollywood "true stories" are interesting, however using them to form an opinion about Islam will require us to use all other "Hollywood true stories" to consider other religions to be bad too. There are other "true stories" of people of other religions doing bad and evil things, holding all religions responsible for the wrongdoing of their followers is not fair and unrealistic.




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