Cultures and religions

For many, the culture in the Middle East or in countries such as Afghanistan is "Islamic" culture. To them also, culture in the west is a "Christian" or a culture that is based on the Bible. However, in the west, the cultures of north America for example is much different from that found in South America. There are also countries in Africa where the major religion is Christianity, South Africa for example, yet the culture in a country like South Africa is much different than both North America and South America. This will have to mean that cultures are not usually based on a religion.

It is almost normal in all western countries to allow and protect laws that give pregnant women THE RIGHT TO KILL THEIR OWN UNBORN CHILDREN. Would it be reasonable to conclude that since the major religion of such country happened to be Christianity for example, that it is Christian to kill?

The case is the same with many countries where the major religion is Islam too. Some of these governments or people do things that are against Islam. It would be illogical therefore to hold any religion responsible for what any government or people do, especially when what is being done is against that religion.

We need to be able to distinguish between cultures and religions. A western culture is not necessarily a Christian culture, especially when it adopts that which against Christianity. And the same goes for the Middle East, Afghanistan and Islam.

If one would like to understand Christianity, he or she should study the religion from its appropriate sources, but not judge it with what some do. The same is for Islam too, when one needs to find out what Islam truly is, he or she needs to read the Quran and the Hadith, but not judge Islam with what some do.

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